How is MapCast imagery projected?

The WMS supports requests for the following coordinate reference systems:

EPSG Code Description

EPSG:2018 NAD27(76) / MTM zone 9

EPSG:2019 NAD27(76) / MTM zone 10

EPSG:2020 NAD27(76) / MTM zone 11

EPSG:2021 NAD27(76) / MTM zone 12

EPSG:26909 NAD83 / UTM zone 9N

EPSG:26910 NAD83 / UTM zone 10N

EPSG:26911 NAD83 / UTM zone 11N

EPSG:26912 NAD83 / UTM zone 12N

EPSG:26913 NAD83 / UTM zone 13N

EPSG:26917 NAD83 / UTM zone 17N (Toronto)

EPSG:26918 NAD83 / UTM zone 18N (Ottawa)

EPSG:26919 NAD83 / UTM zone 19N

EPSG:26920 NAD83 / UTM zone 20N

EPSG:26921 NAD83 / UTM zone 21N

EPSG:26922 NAD83 / UTM zone 22N

EPSG:3161 NAD83 / Ontario MNR Lambert

EPSG:32189 NAD83 / MTM zone 9

EPSG:32190 NAD83 / MTM zone 10

EPSG:32191 NAD83 / MTM zone

EPSG:3775 NAD83 / Alberta 3TM ref merid 111 W

EPSG:3776 NAD83 / Alberta 3TM ref merid 114 W

EPSG:3777 NAD83 / Alberta 3TM ref merid 117 W

EPSG:3778 NAD83 / Alberta 3TM ref merid 120 W

EPSG:4326 WGS 84 Geographic

EPSG:900913 World Mercator

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