Tips to conserve bandwidth usage

There are several options:

  1. Turn off the MapCast layer off when panning and zooming.
  2. Turn the MapCast layer off when zoomed out to smaller scales beyond 1:10,000.
  3. In CAD, choose the resample raster option to crop the imagery to your view so excess imagery will not draw when you zoom out.
  4. In ArcMAP, choose the cache option to avoid reloading the image when turning the MapCast layer off and on.
  5. Make sure that only the relevant imagery set for the study area is active and turn all others off.
  6. Select “jpeg” for the image format to reduce the size of the image requested.
  7. Decrease the size of the image being requested by making your application window smaller.
  8. Wait for the MapCast layer to draw completely before requesting a new image.

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