How accurate is the elevation data?

In the 2002 Golden Horseshoe data set, the horizontal and vertical accuracy is +/- 40 cm, and +/- 80 cm for the 2002 Simcoe-Kawartha data set. This means that the difference between the true elevation on the ground compared to what’s shown in the digital file can be as great as 40 cm or 80 […]

Is the date and time of the photo included?

The mosaics on MapCast are made up of several photos stitched together. To locate the date and time for a tile, it is necessary to look up the flight plan to find the original photo most closely centered on the particular tile. The flight plan data is not available through our websites, but our customer […]

What’s the horizontal error of the orthophoto

It depends on the photo resolution. Whatever the stated photo resolution in cm, positional accuracy is double that value. A 15 cm photo, for example, has positional horizontal accuracy of +/- 30 cm. This means that for any point on the photo, the true location of that point on the ground will be within 30 […]

Is newer data available?

We update large portions of our aerial imagery every year to keep up with demand for new data, especially in suburban areas where land development is taking place. In the built environment, the imagery will be different every single year, so it’s worth the effort to fly the same areas over and over. Not so, […]

How is bandwidth measured?

Users on MapCast with WMS compliant software can request an image that will match the screen resolution or scale of the software’s window. The request is sent through the Internet to the FBS servers where the image is generated and then returned to the user to be displayed in the software’s window. This action will […]

Tips to conserve bandwidth usage

There are several options: Turn off the MapCast layer off when panning and zooming. Turn the MapCast layer off when zoomed out to smaller scales beyond 1:10,000. In CAD, choose the resample raster option to crop the imagery to your view so excess imagery will not draw when you zoom out. In ArcMAP, choose the […]

How is MapCast imagery projected?

The WMS supports requests for the following coordinate reference systems: EPSG Code Description EPSG:2018 NAD27(76) / MTM zone 9 EPSG:2019 NAD27(76) / MTM zone 10 EPSG:2020 NAD27(76) / MTM zone 11 EPSG:2021 NAD27(76) / MTM zone 12 EPSG:26909 NAD83 / UTM zone 9N EPSG:26910 NAD83 / UTM zone 10N EPSG:26911 NAD83 / UTM zone 11N […]