8. Data

How zoomed in can the image be before it looks blurry?

How Does Image Resolution Relate To Map Scale? First, 20cm imagery is not the same as 1:20 map scale. Maps are created with mix and match combinations of data sources. Each source may be fine on its own, but will the information make sense in the final composition? If you trust the source data providers […]

Getting Started With LiDAR

LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is a technology that essentially takes pictures using laser pulses instead of visible light. You’ve likely heard about LiDAR in the context of self-driving cars, since the returning laser pulses from a car mounted LiDAR system produce a point cloud telling the car about objects around it in three dimensional […]

Teranet Parcels For CAD & GIS

Ordering Ontario Teranet parcel online or through us – how to get what you want faster. In Ontario, parcel mapping defining the boundaries of each property is maintained by Teranet. First Base Solutions is the official map data reseller to Canadian businesses working in land development, engineering, natural resources and more. If you use CAD […]

Best Workflow To Research And Acquire Mapping Data

Use our services in combination to get exactly what you want faster FBS sells aerial imagery, plus mapping data provided through reseller agreements with Teranet, Planet, TRCA and many others. The data is delivered to the end user through our three services: VuMAP, MapWarehouse, and MapCast. Watch the video tutorial and follow along with the […]

Data Catalogue Overview

What’s available, in which formats, and bit more about each data product.

Is newer data available?

We update large portions of our aerial imagery every year to keep up with demand for new data, especially in suburban areas where land development is taking place. In the built environment, the imagery will be different every single year, so it’s worth the effort to fly the same areas over and over. The same […]

1-Meter contours are too detailed for my site, is there anything smaller scale?

Yes! We have OBM (Ontario Base Mapping) available in a variety of vector formats such as SHP and DWG. These maps were produced in 1983 by Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources at 1:10,000 (5km x 5km sheets)and 1:20,000 (10km x 10km sheets) for southern and northern areas respectively. These maps show, among other features, contours […]

How are orthophoto and satellite imagery different?

Each sensor vehicle is different. In general, the level of detail seen in the image and geolocational accuracy will be better for orthophoto flown from aircraft. Satellite imagery is superior in that new imagery can be collected and delivered on much shorter notice anywhere in the world, and includes more spectral bands outside the visible […]

How detailed are the images?

The amount of detail depends on the image resolution.  Resolution in cm refers to the area on the ground covered by each pixel in the image. In an image with 15 cm resolution, for example, each pixel covers a patch of ground 15cm x 15cm in size. Objects on the ground which are smaller than […]