4. MapCast

Stream imagery and geodata directly to your desktop mapping software.

Will I save MapCast bandwidth by using JPG instead of PNG?

One of the changes we’ve made to the MapCast service was to equalize the usage cost per image regardless of what image format was selected when using the WMS service.  As you may know our WMS service can serve images in JPEG or PNG format depending on your settings in your GIS or CAD application, […]

WMS? TMS? WMTS? An explanation in plain English without the WTF

As a new subscriber to MapCast, you’ll need to connect to the service before you can get to work. On the MapCast dashboard there are a few options. Here I’ll recommend which connection type to use and when. Your service connection type will depend on the software you plan to use. First, a quick overview […]

MapCast Troubleshooting Checklist

Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again? The top roadblocks to success with your MapCast subscription and how to address them. In general terms, these checklists are the most relevant questions to ask to solve the most common issues when getting started with MapCast in any type of CAD or […]

How is MapCast imagery projected?

The WMS supports requests for the following coordinate reference systems: EPSG Code Description EPSG:2018 NAD27(76) / MTM zone 9 EPSG:2019 NAD27(76) / MTM zone 10 EPSG:2020 NAD27(76) / MTM zone 11 EPSG:2021 NAD27(76) / MTM zone 12 EPSG:26909 NAD83 / UTM zone 9N EPSG:26910 NAD83 / UTM zone 10N EPSG:26911 NAD83 / UTM zone 11N […]

Tips to conserve bandwidth usage

There are several options: Turn off the MapCast layer off when panning and zooming. Turn the MapCast layer off when zoomed out to smaller scales beyond 1:10,000. In CAD, choose the resample raster option to crop the imagery to your view so excess imagery will not draw when you zoom out. In ArcMAP, choose the […]

Is the MapCast base layer editable?

The mosaic image layers in MapCast are not editable for end users to manipulate. The same imagery can be downloaded through MapWarehouse in MrSID or JPG format that can be used in more complex image analysis.

How is bandwidth measured?

Users on MapCast with WMS compliant software can request an image that will match the screen resolution or scale of the software’s window. The request is sent through the Internet to the FBS servers where the image is generated and then returned to the user to be displayed in the software’s window. This action will […]

MapCast Transitions

Helping you navigate the new system 10 years ago FBSWMS (First Base Solutions Web Mapping Service) was launched to deliver our aerial imagery mosaic base layers directly to your desktop mapping projects. In 2016 FBSWMS was rebranded as MapCast reflecting the expanded capabilities of the service to be used with more connection types. This year, […]

MapCast Tutorial

If you want to quickly learn how to use a WMS (web mapping service) to stream aerial imagery and geographic data into your desktop GIS or CAD software, or just want to improve your skills and learn a few tricks of the trade, this video will get you up to speed quickly with real world […]