VuMap Help

Basemaps, Hi Res Imagery & Streetview

Base Maps Users have the ability to select different base maps each with a unique style for their map. To switch between the bases map select the MAP icon in the lower left corner, then simply click on the icon to toggle between styles. There are four base maps available: Street Map Terrain Dark Satellite […]

Measurement Tools

VuMap allow users to create measurement for point or polygon features, create features will have the length displaced along each segment and polygon features will include perimeter and area calculation. The distance are calculated using the Haversine formula to determine the great-circle distance between two points on a sphere given their longitudes and latitudes and […]


Layer Control Tab TEST VuMap provides users with a set of predefined layers based on your subscription, these layers can include parcel information, imagery layers and various open source datasets. The controls for these layers are listed in the “Layers” widget on the right side of your VuMap interface and will allow users to: Turn […]