Connecting to Services

Within VuMap, users are able to connect with external data services that can be uploaded and saved in to VuMap’s interface. VuMap provides a comprehensive user experience where both WMTS and WMS interfaces can be layered with existing data. The dropdown menus for either WMTS or WMS services can be found within the toolbar at the top of the page.

Connecting to services location and WMTS/WMS options

Adding a WMS Service to VuMap

  1. After clicking the WMS icon, the user will be able to connect to a service using a WMS URL. Then, the URL can be connected to the VuMap server where the user can then browse the files within the layer list and select a layer to add to VuMap.

    Browsing and selecting a WMS service to add to VuMap

  2. The WMS layer will then be added to the VuMap interface and can be found within the My Data tab. Here, the user is able to hide the layer from the map interface as well as adjust its opacity. Various options are provided within this tab including editing, sharing and deactivating the layer.

    New WMS layer added to My Data

  3. Adding a WMTS Service to VuMap