8. Data

Does the surface type affect the accuracy of LiDAR?

Open hard surface data is accurate to 10cm at 95%. If the surface is not hard, it all depends on the surface, but at least twice the hard surface accuracy would be a good place to start.

The sample downloads don’t work

If you’re having trouble with the sample request form, you can also access a selection of data here: Orthophoto SID 6 cm 10 cm 15 cm 20 cm JPG 6 cm 10 cm 15 cm 20 cm   Parcel MapWarehouse Tile Custom Order   Elevation DEM Contours LiDAR   Flood Lines DWG DGN PDF   […]

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Aerial Imagery

Where to start? The process below should help you decide what kind of aerial imagery you need and how to acquire it. You’ve got a few choices of satellite and aerial orthophoto. Answering a few questions about your project can help you come to the right decision. Related: The Essential Cheat Sheet For Purchasing Digital […]

How do I reference FBS as the source of my data?

If you need to reproduce a section of our maps and imagery to incorporate into your design proposal, research results, or similar professional documentation, spare a little room in your composition to cite your data sources correctly.  It not only fulfills the legal requirements of our EULA, the credibility and professionalism of your work goes […]

How much does custom elevation mapping cost?

There is no preset cost for any particular service. Each job is unique and will be quoted individually based on a few different criteria. 1. Is photo already available? We may already have recent orthophoto covering your site at a resolution that would produce the contour intervals or detail level you would like. In this […]

What’s The Difference? – DSM vs. DEM. vs. DTM

DSM, DEM, and DTM are all different ways of visualizing three dimensional relief of the landscape. All begin with overlapping aerial photos which can be viewed in stereo as 3D images by our photogrammetrists. A regular grid of points, called spot heights, is superimposed on the images where elevations are measured and recorded. The spot […]

How much for brand new imagery?

Custom aerial image acquisition is more accessible to small and medium sized business than you might think. Satellite tasking or aerial image acquisition captured by First Base Solutions can be ordered through our customer service by providing an area of interest, your desired specs, and an acquisition window you’d like to stay within.  Each project […]

How zoomed in can the image be before it looks blurry?

How Does Image Resolution Relate To Map Scale? First, 20cm imagery is not the same as 1:20 map scale. Maps are created with mix and match combinations of data sources. Each source may be fine on its own, but will the information make sense in the final composition? If you trust the source data providers […]

Getting Started With LiDAR

LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is a technology that essentially takes pictures using laser pulses instead of visible light. You’ve likely heard about LiDAR in the context of self-driving cars, since the returning laser pulses from a car mounted LiDAR system produce a point cloud telling the car about objects around it in three dimensional […]