2. Sales

Help me choose the best service to access data.

Some information on my quote is wrong. Does this matter?

Yes! It matters a lot. If you approve a quote with incorrect company information and your invoice later needs to be credited and reissued under a different name after the order is closed, a processing fee up to $500 may apply. Here’s story on billing documents: We prepare a quote for the data you’ve expressed […]

What types of payment do you accept?

First Base Solutions accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Credit card payment is required for all orders less than $500. Orders over $5000 paid by credit card may be subject to an additional transaction fee. Payment by credit card is expected at the time of purchase. To pay by invoice, a billing account […]

How to estimate how many tiles I need?

Most mapping data and imagery found on MapWarehouse cover large geographic areas. The coverage is clipped into 500m x 500m tiles based on a common grid, which enables you to purchase only the layers or data types that are relevant to your project in small sections. When you click on “show grid” as you review […]

How much does custom elevation mapping cost?

There is no preset cost for any particular service. Each job is unique and will be quoted individually based on a few different criteria. 1. Is photo already available? We may already have recent orthophoto covering your site at a resolution that would produce the contour intervals or detail level you would like. In this […]

How much for brand new imagery?

Custom aerial image acquisition is more accessible to small and medium sized business than you might think. Satellite tasking or aerial image acquisition captured by First Base Solutions can be ordered through our customer service by providing an area of interest, your desired specs, and an acquisition window you’d like to stay within. ¬†Each project […]

Best Workflow To Research And Acquire Mapping Data

Use our services in combination to get exactly what you want faster FBS sells aerial imagery, plus mapping data provided through reseller agreements with Teranet, Planet, TRCA and many others. The data is delivered to the end user through our three services: VuMAP, MapWarehouse, and MapCast. Watch the video tutorial and follow along with the […]

Two Raster Options: MrSID and JPG

JPG and MrSID are just a few compressed image formats. Both formats can be read by most up-to-date CAD and GIS software. JPG is a fine option where the goal is simply to view the imagery across as many platforms as possible and use it as a base layer to give context to your vector […]

How is MapCast imagery projected?

The WMS supports requests for the following coordinate reference systems: EPSG Code Description EPSG:2018 NAD27(76) / MTM zone 9 EPSG:2019 NAD27(76) / MTM zone 10 EPSG:2020 NAD27(76) / MTM zone 11 EPSG:2021 NAD27(76) / MTM zone 12 EPSG:26909 NAD83 / UTM zone 9N EPSG:26910 NAD83 / UTM zone 10N EPSG:26911 NAD83 / UTM zone 11N […]

Is the MapCast base layer editable?

The mosaic image layers in MapCast are not editable for end users to manipulate. The same imagery can be downloaded through MapWarehouse in MrSID or JPG format that can be used in more complex image analysis.

1-Meter contours are too detailed for my site, is there anything smaller scale?

Yes! We have OBM (Ontario Base Mapping) available in a variety of vector formats such as SHP and DWG. These maps were produced in 1983 by Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources at 1:10,000 (5km x 5km sheets)and 1:20,000 (10km x 10km sheets) for southern and northern areas respectively. These maps show, among other features, contours […]