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What Can I Do With 8 Band Imagery?

512 RGB Visualizations to choose from The satellite imagery we provide is often ordered as “natural colour” with red, green, and blue spectral bands to simply provide a base layer for mapping in areas where aircraft sourced orthophoto is not available or not current enough. For more sophisticated applications, multi-spectral imagery with 4 bands or […]

Does the surface type affect the accuracy of LiDAR?

Open hard surface data is accurate to 10cm at 95%. If the surface is not hard, it all depends on the surface, but at least twice the hard surface accuracy would be a good place to start.

Can PIN data be purchased in a tabular format?

When you buy parcel mapping, you can get the polygon geometry in a SHP format, which includes a table of PIN numbers in *.dbf format that can be opened with Excel.

The sample downloads

If you’re having trouble with the sample request form, you can also access a selection of data here: Orthophoto SID 6 cm 10 cm 15 cm 20 cm JPG 6 cm 10 cm 15 cm 20 cm   Parcel MapWarehouse Tile Custom Order   Elevation DEM Contours LiDAR   Flood Lines DWG DGN PDF   […]

VuMAP Toolbox

Quick overview of the VuMAP Toolbox Drawing Tool Draw lines or closed shapes over the map, name and save your sketch under the “My Marks” tab.  Measure Tool Measure distances and areas in your choice of units, name and save your measurements under the “My Marks” tab.  Annotation Tool Add labels to features you see […]

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Aerial Imagery

Where to start? The process below should help you decide what kind of aerial imagery you need and how to acquire it. You’ve got a few choices of satellite and aerial orthophoto. Answering a few questions about your project can help you come to the right decision. Related: The Essential Cheat Sheet For Purchasing Digital […]

What’s The Difference? – DSM vs. DEM. vs. DTM

DSM, DEM, and DTM are all different ways of visualizing three dimensional relief of the landscape. All begin with overlapping aerial photos which can be viewed in stereo as 3D images by our photogrammetrists. A regular grid of points, called spot heights, is superimposed on the images where elevations are measured and recorded. The spot […]

How zoomed in can the image be before it looks blurry?

How Does Image Resolution Relate To Map Scale? First, 20cm imagery is not the same as 1:20 map scale. Maps are created with mix and match combinations of data sources. Each source may be fine on its own, but will the information make sense in the final composition? If you trust the source data providers […]

Teranet Parcels For CAD & GIS

Ordering Ontario Teranet parcel online or through us – how to get what you want faster. In Ontario, parcel mapping defining the boundaries of each property is maintained by Teranet. First Base Solutions is the official map data reseller to Canadian businesses working in land development, engineering, natural resources and more. If you use CAD […]