8. Data

Do PIN and ARN parcels have the same boundaries?

PIN stands for “Property Identification Number” which is linked to ownership, ARN stands for “Assessment Roll Number” and is used for property value assessment purposes. More information can be found on the Ontario Parcel web site at: www.ontarioparcel.ca. The boundaries are often the same, but not always. For this reason, PIN and ARN are maintained […]

Do flood plain maps tell me where I can build?

FBS is a reseller for floodplain mapping, available through MapWarehouse. In the course of having your development application approved, you may need to apply for a Development, Interference with Wetlands and Alterations to Shorelines and Watercourses permit if your property is adjacent to water or near other significant natural features. You’ll need to contact the […]

Why is there no elevation data at my site?

The elevation data that has been clipped to tiles for MapWarehouse covers the Golden Horseshoe and extends into Simcoe and the Kawarthas.  Outside this area, it’s usually possible to produce a highly detailed custom elevation model using current orthophoto or satellite imagery, where this imagery exists. Contact us for a quote. We also have 1983 […]

What is the processing time for satellite imagery orders?

For archived imagery, once you approve your quote, delivery of your imagery generally takes less than a week. To order tasking for new imagery, you can select the preferred time frame for collection, but delays may occur because of unfavourable ground conditions at the site. For very large sites, it may take more than one […]

What’s the horizontal error of the orthophoto

It depends on the photo resolution. Whatever the stated photo resolution in cm, positional accuracy is double that value. A 15 cm photo, for example, has positional horizontal accuracy of +/- 30 cm. This means that for any point on the photo, the true location of that point on the ground will be within 30 […]

Is the date and time of the photo included?

The mosaics on MapCast and VuMAP, as well as the photo tiles on MapWarehouse are made up of several photos stitched together. To locate the date and time for a tile, it is necessary to look up the flight plan to find the original photo most closely centered on the particular tile. The flight plan […]

How to merge tiled contours into continuous lines

Here’s one way: Copy the line work from one file, open the file for the adjacent tile and use the command “paste to original coordinates” to have them together in one DWG. Use the command PEDIT (polyline edit). Select M (multiple), and choose all the linework from both tiles and hit enter. You will be […]

How is the data priced?

Most downloadable data is priced based on 500m x 500m tiles. For most orthophoto, the cost is $70 per 500m tile, and $150 per 1km tile, with progressive discounts applied automatically for orders greater than 5 tiles. Vintage imagery may be priced lower in certain areas. Contours are $60 per tile. DEM are $60 per […]

Oak Ridges Moraine Groundwater Data Overview

The data was produced by the Toronto Region Conservation Authority. Each of the asc files represent the elevation you would find the various levels of substrate (e.g. Kettleby Till) along with the ground elevation and bedrock elevation. You can therefore determine the thickness of each substrate over a given location. The asc file is a […]