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Help me use my data and services.

The parcel tile I downloaded is just a couple of lines

Large properties often span several tiles, you’re seeing only the portion of the parcel boundary that crosses the particular tile. You will either need to buy all the tiles that your property intersects and combine the boundary lines, or, request a quote for a custom order for the specific parcel. For a small order of […]

FBS data doesn’t line up with City of Toronto data.

FBS data is usually in UTM NAD83 Zone 17N. City of Toronto offers their data in MTM NAD27 Zone 10. Some of the files may need to be re-projected into to a common coordinate system in order to align properly, a simple procedure for vector files. If you require imagery to be reprojected, however, contact […]

How to determine which layer I’m looking at in VuMAP?

The layers will draw in the order you see them in the layers list, drawing the bottom most visible layers in the list, then drawing the visible layers above it over top. Since the imagery is opaque and completely covers an area, it will hide any layers that have drawn below it. In the image […]

Can I have several image tiles merged into a single file?

No problem. Choose the photos you’d like to purchase, then contact our customer service and request the photos be mosaicked. Our staff can combine the tiles into a single large image while still maintaining the geographical referencing, provided the tiles you’ve chosen have the same photo resolution and file format. A fee for custom labour […]

Nothing draws in VuMAP

There are two reasons why this may occur. 1. Some layers are too detailed to draw when you are zoomed out to view a large area. Below the name of each layer, you’ll see “Zoom Levels: [#-##]” which indicates how close you need to be zoomed in before the layer will start to draw. You […]

My DEM tiles are just a bunch of lines. How do I use this?

Only elevation information is included, either as DEM or contour, depending on the file you’ve chosen. The road edges frequently appear as break lines in the DEM, giving the appearance of unlabeled roads. There are a few options to give context to to the surrounding area. You can take advantage of the georeferencing inherent in […]

How to bookmark locations in VuMAP

Use the Save View tool to mark places you’d like to return to often. You’ll find your saved views under the ‘My Marks’ tab.