Layer Control Tab

VuMap provides users with a set of predefined layers based on your subscription, these layers can include parcel information, imagery layers and various open source datasets. The controls for these layers are listed in the “Layers” widget on the right side of your VuMap interface and will allow users to:

  • Turn layers on or off in the map interface
  • Highlight a layer to perform queries or selections on. To highlight a layer simply click on the layer
  • Reorder the layers by dragging and dropping the layers. Note that VuMap separates layers into raster (image based data) or vector (geometry based data) layers, raster layers cannot be placed on top of vector layers
  • Remove layers from the list to simplify you view and keep only the layers you need, removed layers can be added again using the user administration

The layer controls and properties. Note that the layer style cannot be modified for purchased layers