Managing Data

VuMap provides the user with various sets of data with access within the My Data tab on the right of the map page. The user is able to upload and organize their own data along with those that VuMap has provided. Managing this data and customizing the view within the user’s display can be done through My Account.

  1. Accessing My Account, can be found by clicking Account within the drop-down menu that falls below the settings icon on the top right corner of the page. Managing the user’s account, subscription, and data can be done through this page.

    Location of Account

  2. The user then has access to the general settings of their account. Within the tab My Data located in the left window the user can access all of their account’s data including drawings, queries, measurements, imports, and uploads. Information regarding the data’s date, share status, and activity status are listed in this section.

  3. Here, the user then can choose whether their data is active within the main page, or if they’d wish to delete the data from their VuMap account altogether.
      • Setting data as active or inactive determines whether the data is shown and listed within the main VuMap interface.
      • Here, data can be deleted from the account permanently. This data will not appear as an option on the map nor can it later be accessed within managing My Data once deleted.

    Managing data options and tools