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Help me choose the best service to access data.

My area of interest is too big to get MapWarehouse results

When you search an area, MapWarehouse will return the first 200 results. If your site falls in a data rich area with multiple vintages, the tile count can add up quickly. Try filtering the selection to just the data types you’re most interested in. For very large orders, the best option is to contact customer […]

Why is there no elevation data at my site?

The elevation data that has been clipped to tiles for MapWarehouse covers the Golden Horseshoe and extends into Simcoe and the Kawarthas.  Outside this area, it’s usually possible to produce a highly detailed custom elevation model using current orthophoto or satellite imagery, where this imagery exists. Contact us for a quote. We also have 1983 […]

What is the processing time for satellite imagery orders?

For archived imagery, once you approve your quote, delivery of your imagery generally takes less than a week. To order tasking for new imagery, you can select the preferred time frame for collection, but delays may occur because of unfavourable ground conditions at the site. For very large sites, it may take more than one […]

I searched for imagery but it’s the same as Google.

The Google base map is just to help you locate your area of interest. From the item selection list in MapWarehouse, click the info icon beside any item to see it’s metadata and a thumbnail of the actual image you’ll receive.

How is the data priced?

Most downloadable data is priced based on 500m x 500m tiles. For most orthophoto, the cost is $70 per 500m tile, and $150 per 1km tile, with progressive discounts applied automatically for orders greater than 5 tiles. Vintage imagery may be priced lower in certain areas. Contours are $60 per tile. DEM are $60 per […]

Why are there no PINs available at my site?

Only POLARIS PINs which have the highest spatial accuracy are made available through MapWarehouse. Whether you’re after just one parcel or need the whole city, PINs and ARNs for all of Ontario can be purchased by placing a custom order through our helpful customer service staff. Send along a SHP or DWG file delineating the […]

What is included in a VuMAP subscription?

The following data layers are available. Review a detailed interactive coverage map here. FBS Data 2002 FBS Imagery 2006 FBS Imagery 2007 FBS Imagery 2008 FBS Imagery 2009 FBS Imagery 2010 FBS Imagery 2011 FBS Imagery 2012 FBS Imagery 2013 FBS Imagery 2014 FBS Imagery 2015 FBS Imagery 2016 FBS Imagery 2017 FBS Imagery 2018 […]

Can I buy printed hard copy maps?

FBS can produce large format custom printing of our digital data products. These printed maps typically include a large map portion with orthophoto, road labels and property lines, and a title block containing the title, scale, scale bar, north arrow, photo details, data source details and disclaimers, print date, our logo, and can include other […]

What is the data update cycle like?

Update cycles are different for each type of data. Parcel data has a regular quarterly update, although not every update is clipped into tiles and made available on MapWarehouse. To access to most current parcel data, make a custom order by contacting customer service. Orthophoto are captured by aircraft during March, April and May each […]

Can I order custom satellite imagery?

First Base Solutions is a licensed reseller of DigitalGlobe and Planet Labs satellite imagery. We have access to search a library of historical satellite imagery with worldwide coverage at 50cm and 60cm resolution, as well as place orders to capture new imagery on request. Imagery is available as natural colour, greyscale, colour infrared or 8-band […]