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What if my satellite imagery contains snow or cloud cover?

Thick cloud cover expressed as a percent of the photo’s coverage area is available from DigitalGlobe for archived imagery. Seasonal snow pack coverage can be seen clearly in the preview, the probability of trace amounts of snow on the ground that aren’t obvious in the preview will be estimated by cross-referencing the image date and […]

MapCast Transitions

Helping you navigate the new system 10 years ago FBSWMS (First Base Solutions Web Mapping Service) was launched to deliver our aerial imagery mosaic base layers directly to your desktop mapping projects. In 2016 FBSWMS was rebranded as MapCast reflecting the expanded capabilities of the service to be used with more connection types. This year, […]

Satisfying Sophisticated Demands For Mapping Technologies

Location intelligence is crucial to managing massive projects and making good decisions. Golder Associates is a Toronto based company engaged in ground engineering and environment related professional services for clients spanning the globe. First Base Solutions’ MapWarehouse has been Golder’s top pick to expedite the site research phase. Like most cross-disciplinary engineering firms, Golder needs […]

Enertech Xchange Facilitates Public Awareness

Enertech is a start-up company formed in 2011 in Wichita, Kansas that helps pipeline companies manage not just their infrastructure conditions, but also their massive stakeholder contact lists. The Xchange Public Awareness platform built by First Base Solutions (FBS) on top of the Google Maps API is their basis for success. More than 50 pipeline […]